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Free SCN Resources (Click here for Español)

The booklets listed below share ways that parents can help their children learn.

A Guide for Educators: Helping Families Engage in Their Children’s Learning -A research-based guide to support teachers and administrators in creating a vibrant school community by developing partnerships and by helping their students’ families to better understand: State Learning Standards, College and Career Readiness, Family Practices to Help Children Learn, and Family–School Relationships..

A Guide for Families: Helping Your Child Succeed in School - A research-based guide to help you understand: State Learning Standards, College and Career Readiness, Parent Practices to Help Children Learn, and Family–School Relationships.

A Mother's Story - This booklet is the story of a mother who worked with her son’s teacher to help him do better in school.

Parents and Learning - This booklet focuses on parents – the child’s first and most powerful teachers – and discusses what parents can do to help their children do well in school.

Standards Start at Home - This resource provides fun activities to do at home that will help preschoolers get ready for school. It is arranged according to the areas outlined in the Illinois Early Learning Standards, so there are tips for parents and low-cost activities for kids in areas like language, science, & fine arts.

Tip Sheets

Building Good Reading Habits - Most children learn how to read, but not all children get into the habit of reading. These tips will help families become readers!

Discussing your Child’s Report Card - These tips will help the parent (or caregiver) talk about the report card with the student so that you can work together as a family to help the student succeed in school.

Homework is Habit Forming - These tips will help your family establish a good routine for studying at home to make sure your child succeeds at school.

Preparing for Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences - This tip sheet will help you make the most of your conference!


Family Engagement Bibliography - References to research and reports from the field related to family and community engagement in children’s learning and to creating a sense of community within schools.

Preservice Teacher Education and In-Service Professional Development for Family and Community Engagement - An Annotated Bibliography of Approaches and Key Studies Documented in the Peer-Reviewed School Community Journal.

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