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Trainings that support your work in family engagement


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Whether or not you're part of the School Community Network, the trainings and support services offered here are designed to give schools a focused approach to building and strengthening family engagement in specific areas. Our support services are soundly rooted in research and best practice and are delivered to your school team through on-site trainings.

Other services offered through the School Community Network

The links below provide a listing of training modules currently available. 


Home-School Communication: It’s a Two-Way Thing

Students do best when teachers and parents communicate with each other about expectations and stay in touch regarding student progress, learning habits, social interactions, and attitudes toward school. True communication invites a response, and schools should learn to distinguish the difference between keeping parents informed and communicating with them. 


Connection: Creating Social Capital while Supporting Learning

Social capital gained through supportive relationships in the school community drives student success.
At the center of these relationships are the connections among the student, the student’s teacher(s), and the student’s families that form a network of people united in purpose. 


Education: Training Families to Support Student Learning

When families learn systems for monitoring and guiding their children’s out-of-school time, the child does better in school. Schools that train families to reinforce school learning at home find that students are more motivated to learn. 


For questions about this service or to request additional information, fill out the email form. You may also contact Bernadette Anderson directly at 618-874-8150.

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