January-February 2024

Resources for Parents

9 Take-Home Activities That Teach Financial Literacy  

Maria Howard
"Financial literacy is a great way to bridge home and school when it comes to math. These resources from Hands on Banking can be used as stand-alone resources to send home to families, perhaps in a newsletter or at a back-to-school night. Or you can extend classroom lessons to home." (links to free handouts for various ages, some include Spanish).

Family Math Videos    


"Watch, sing, and build your early math skills! ~~ ¡Canten y aprendan matemáticas para niños pequeños!" A series of videos for families available in English and Spanish.

Resources for Schools

All About Family Math   

Development and Research in Early Mathematics Education (DREME) at Stanford

"Family math is parents, caregivers, and young children engaging each other in fun early math learning at home and on-the-go through the support of professionals serving families." This site offers guides and family activities including tips, games, and more for babies & toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary children, in English and Spanish.

Designing Family Math: Recommendations + Tools for Developing a Family Math Curriculum   

Early Learning Lab & PBS SoCal

"This brief is the culmination of our research and recommendations for how a family math curriculum could support and inspire parents to have fun teaching and learning with their children anywhere, anytime. The two main goals of the Compton Family Math Initiative are to increase math proficiency and kindergarten readiness for low-income children." Also available in Spanish: Diseñando Matemática Familiar

School Community Journal

Developing Professionals: Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge, Comfort, and Beliefs in Elementary Mathematics Education Family Engagement 

Katherine S. Remillard and Marnie L. Moist

“This article reports on the development of preservice teachers’ knowledge, comfort, and beliefs about family engagement in elementary mathematics….Findings are considered in relation to the ongoing challenge of the mathematics education field to fully include families as shared stakeholders in reform instruction and the potentiality of subject-specific family engagement learning in teacher preparation programs.”

Conversations With Family Members About Math 

Regina M. Mistretta

“This article focuses readers’ attention on how teachers communicate with families about math, what teachers specifically communicate about, and why the need to communicate with families exists in the first place. Findings from conversations about math facilitated by 72 teachers with 225 families of public and nonpublic elementary, middle, and high school students are reported to demonstrate how dialogue between teachers and families can support meaningful home–school interactions…prompts are included for readers’ own reflection on using conversation as a form of practitioner inquiry for knowing and supporting families with math.”


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