September-October 2023

Resources for Parents


This site provides resources for ParentCamp and describes a free, full-day event with more than 20 discussion sessions for parents and teachers, as well as frequent virtual meetings. It is billed as an "un-conference" because the idea is to encourage parents to talk and engage, rather than to provide a series of lectures to parents.

PTO Today  

School Family Media Inc.

This website has tips sheets, articles, free downloadable handouts, Spanish-language flyers, toolkits, and more to help parent group leaders serve their schools more effectively and run their groups more efficiently.

Resources for Schools

Parent Involvement Matters: Organizations  

Parent Involvement Matters

This resource page on the Parent Involvement Matters website offers a listing of organizations that "provide assistance to parents and schools in their goal to improve the academic, social, and emotional health of children. The organizations listed here have excellent resources on their websites."

Middle & High School – Organizations for Families  

Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center

This webpage has descriptions and links to many organizations that support families with middle and/or high school students in various ways or with various concerns. Many have resources in multiple languages, as well.

School Community Journal

TeleNGAGE: Promoting Transformative Equitable Collaboration Between Families and Schools 

Dominic Siami Egure, Katherine Curry, Ashlyn M. Fiegener, Younglong “Rachel” Kim, and Bodunrin Akinrinmade

“The purpose of this qualitative case study was to investigate, through the lens of Adult Learning Theory, the perceived influence of TeleNGAGE on educators’ and families’ capacity to collaborate in equitable and transformative ways.…This social learning space, which supported adult preferences and motivations for learning, created a synergy that led to equitable social status, the application of new knowledge, and innovative approaches to problem-solving.”
Vol 33, No 1 - Spring/Summer 2023

A Community Engaged Framing: Building Successful Community Engagement for Schools and Families of Bilingual Students Through Inquiry 

Carlas McCauley, Julie Webb, Suzanne Abdelrahim, and Soha Mahmoud-Tabana

“This article explores an action-oriented research study designed to provide better understanding of ways to leverage school and community partnership through family engagement, focusing on the development and enactment of an approach to nurture family–school partnerships. Specifically, in partnership with seven school districts, a team of educators employed an inquiry cycle to plan and investigate family engagement efforts focused on emergent bilingual students and their families.”
Vol 33, No 1 - Spring/Summer 2023 


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