Summer 2024

Resources for Parents

Being Bilingual Is a Superpower: Multilingual Tips to Support Language and Literacy at Home 

Colorín Colorado
"These animated videos offer ideas on how families can support their child's literacy through activities that celebrate language, culture, and special time together at home! Languages include: English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Somali, Haitian Creole, and French." For more ideas, see the related guide and tip sheets and graphics for sharing on social media in 16 languages.

21st-Century Learning at Home: A Guide for Families and Caregivers of English Learners to Support Project-Based Learning at Home     

Jenny Portillo, MAEC

While "this guide is designed for families and caregivers to support and lead English Learners through projects at home; the activities within the guide promote communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking while engaging with a child’s culture, family background, and home languages," the toolkit includes instructions for a cookbook, home museum, and other activities that could be used by any family.

Resources for Schools

Multilingual Learning Toolkit    

New Venture Fund

The Multilingual Learning Toolkit is an online hub for research-based key principles, instructional strategies, and associated, free, practical, and easy-to-use resources that are geared towards educators who teach PreK-3rd Multilingual Learners. It also includes many resources on engaging families, including videos. Resources for administrators, professional development providers, and teacher educators are also available.

Partnering with Families from Diverse Cultural and Linguistic Backgrounds: Research-Based Strategies for Educators   

J. N. Acharya, Y. Alvarez Padilla, & B. J. Boone (Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center)

"In this research brief, we have summarized 25 research studies. From these studies, we have gathered six overarching strategies for educators and school administrators to foster meaningful partnerships with families from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds."

School Community Journal

Cultural Models of Parent–School Involvement: A Study of African American, Caribbean, and Hispanic Parents and Teachers in an Urban U.S. School District 

Daniell Carvalheiro, Sara Harkness, Charles M. Super, and Caroline Mavridis

“This mixed-methods study explored cultural models of parent–school involvement. African American, Caribbean, and Hispanic parents, along with teachers, were recruited from an urban school district…. The findings suggest that conventional beliefs and practices of parent–school involvement in the U.S. are not universal among parents of different cultural groups, and discrepancies between parents’ and teachers’ ideas about involvement may therefore emerge as well.”
Vol 33, No 2 - Fall/Winter 2023

Building Bonds Family Literacy Program: A Pilot Program for Middle School Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners 

Amanda Smith and Leslie Grant

“This report from the field shares information describing a pilot program that addressed the literacy needs of middle school culturally and linguistically diverse students…. Elements of a successful meeting included access to multilingual and culturally appropriate texts, thought-provoking discussion questions offered in the home language and in English, and total family involvement.”
Vol 34, No 1 - Spring/Summer 2024 


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