School Community Index

Robust data, unique to your school, to inform family engagement planning

SCI Process

Get to Know Your School Community

The School Community Index survey provides a simple, repeatable process for evaluating perceptions and conditions in the area of family engagement relative to your school community. 

The school's process begins with the Survey Implementation Plan which can be completed by the school team in one meeting. Click here for an overview of the complete School Community Index process. 

The design of the School Community Index allows it to be used as a stand-alone assessment tool or integrated with other school improvement efforts.

"What the survey does is give you an idea of what you're doing well and what you're not doing well...There were a lot of positive things...The initial survey showed a lot of strengths, but it flushed out lots of issues."

Conway Elementary Principal

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School Community Index Research

The Report Components

The School Community Index is the compilation of data gathered from the school expressed in chart, graph, and narrative forms.

Research on the School Community Index and Solid Foundation® (which utilizes SCI)

In our analyses, we draw on teachers’ responses to the School Community Survey (SCS) as well as information on school characteristics ….In the current study we assess the generalizability of measures of teachers’ perceptions developed within the SCS.

Survey Data Reveals: Both Teachers and Families Recognize the Need to Motivate Students to Read for Fun

Based on data revealed in their School Community Index report which indicated that both parents and teachers recognized the need for students to become more motivated to read, Ledge Street Elementary school in Nashaua, NH planned a family reading night that focused on literacy. 

The Survey Says: Conway is Getting Better

In 2006 the principal of Conway Elementary in Conway, New Hampshire registered his school to complete the School Community Survey and awaited the return of their data. The information in the School Community Index would reveal the school's Achilles heel in terms of how they were functioning as a school community.

Survey Results Inspire Students and Staff to Create a Solution

Millbrook, Alabama is part of the greater Montgomery metropolitan
area and the home to Millbrook Middle School. Acting on the results of
their School Community survey, the school team focused their attention on Character Development as a top priority for their school's Action Plan. 


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