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Parent Resources (Search Our Database) Leading Wild Horses: Why Parents and Schools Must Unite Marilyn Price-Mitchell "One of the big blind spots in educating children is that teachers see themselves as 'teachers' and parents see themselves as 'parents.' It is only when they see the relationship between them that they can take mutual responsibility for the educational process."

Tips for Parents: Your Role in School Success Susan Bulloch & Donna Moyer "Studies show that a child’s academic achievement is directly influenced by their parents’ involvement in their education. Learn how you can bolster your student for success in this Tips for Parents." It includes questions to ask your child about their day, homework tips, and more. Also available in Spanish:

School Resources (Search Our Database) Rubric for Family Leadership and School Governance (pdf) San Francisco Public Schools This rubric can help assess how a school community is doing on building community and family leadership, their school-site planning process, and school-site governance. The goal is to empower families as advocates and decision makers regarding their children's education.

Joining Together to Create a Bold Vision for Next-Generation Family Engagement: Engaging Families to Transform Education Weiss, H. B., Lopez, M. E., & Caspe, M. (Global Family Research Project) Looking at research and policy, this paper "identifies five promising, high-leverage areas that can serve as ‘building blocks’ for the next generation of family engagement strategies," then "concludes with suggestions on where to concentrate efforts to move the field of family and community engagement ahead— local community initiatives, capacity building and professional development, data pathways, public policy change, and public communication and engagement strategies."

School Community Journal Resources (Search Our Database)

Parental Involvement in Adolescents’ Education: An Examination of the Interplay Among School Factors, Parental Role Construction, and Family Income Sira Park and Susan Holloway This research investigated if "associations between school factors (i.e., welcoming environment, informative communication, parental satisfaction with school) and levels of parental involvement in their adolescents’ education are mediated by parents’ construction of their role. We found that parents reportedly became involved…in response to inclusive school practices and also to compensate for perceived deficits in student experiences at school."

Vol 28, No 1 - Spring/Summer 2018

Mennonite Country: The Role of School Parent Liaisons and School Administrators Connecting With Immigrant Latino Families in North Central Indiana Anayeli López, Rubén P. Viramontez Anguiano, René Galindo, Thomas Chibucos, and Angela Atencio "This study examined the role of school personnel on the education of immigrant Latino families and their children in North Central Indiana." Findings revealed that school parent liaisons were critical to developing a bridge between the schools and immigrant Latino families and that school administrators’ proactive involvement in the education and lives of the immigrant families resulted in a positive learning environment for the Latino children.

Vol 28, No 2 - Fall/Winter 2018