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Parent Resources (Search Our Database) Bedtime Math Bedtime Math FoundationA free app and many other resources help make math part of the family routine. They also offer an afterschool club, Crazy 8s, to "make math the cool thing to do after school." The app is also available in Spanish.
Year Published: 2016
Early Math Handouts California Head Start AssociationThis page has many links to math handouts and information for both caregivers/program providers and for parents/families, which will help them incorporate fun and engaging math learning activities into life at home with preschool children. Some are also available in Spanish and/or Vietnamese.
Year Published: 2015
School Resources (Search Our Database) Expert Commentary to "Daddy Says This New Math Is Crazy": Three Tips for Teachers Kliman, M. (for Harvard Family Research Project)Building on a HFRP teaching case, Marlene Kliman offers tips for teachers to help "reconcile two sometimes competing goals…to implement a math curriculum that they (or district leaders) believe is of great benefit to children but that diverges substantially from traditional arithmetic, and for parents to support their children’s math learning and feel confident that their children are gaining a solid math education."
Year Published: 2016
Transmedia Activities: Engaging Families to Improve Children's Early Mathmatics Achievement McCarthy, B. (for Harvard Family Research Project)This article reports on a study of a successful intervention using weekly parent meetings led by early childhood teachers and use of "in-the-home PBS KIDS digital games, videos, and hands-on activities, all related to early mathematics and all provided in both Spanish and English."
Year Published: 2015

School Community Journal Resources (Search Our Database)

Minecraft, Teachers, Parents, and Learning: What They Need to Know and Understand (pdf) Tisha Lewis Ellison and Jessica N. Evans with Jim PikeThis article (a) provides an examination of educational research on the use of Minecraft in classrooms; (b) suggests educational benefits for students and practical classroom approaches for teachers from various disciplines, including in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math); and (c) presents a handout for teachers to share with parents about what they need to know and use to support their children’s literacy practices and learning while playing Minecraft.
Fall/Winter 2016

Math Out of School: Families’ Math Game Playing at Home (pdf) Marlene KlimanThis study investigated the potential of an approach to involving families in regular integration of math into home life. Parents described a rich, shared educational experience that they and their children shaped to their interests and interaction styles; some drew a sharp contrast with homework.
Fall/Winter 2006