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Parent Resources (Search Our Database) Talking with Teachers PBS Parents These tips from teachers and school psychologists give parents ways to approach teachers that will get their attention (and the ways that won’t).

Helpful Tips for Parents: Preparing for a Parent-Teacher-Student Conference (pdf) Academic Development Institute, Solid Foundation Resources This tip sheet will help you make the most of your conference. Also available in Spanish: Preparandose para Una Conferencia de: Padre—Maestro—Estudiante (pdf)

School Resources (Search Our Database) Power Up Your Parent-Teacher Communication Common Sense Education This website offers a brief video, downloadable tip sheets and guides, information on parent communication apps and websites, and more to help teachers and families stay connected.

Communicating Personalized Learning to Families and Stakeholders: Terminology, Tools, and Tips for Success (pdf) Karla Phillips & Amy Jenkins This guide helps school and district staff to focus on parent priorities and concerns when sharing information about personalized learning, such as benefits to families and students, and provides tips and links to further resources.

School Community Journal Resources (Search Our Database)

Parent–School Engagement in a Public Elementary School in Southern Arizona: Immigrant and Refugee Parent Perspectives Amanda Marie Shufflebarger Snell "This project invited parents who spoke languages other than English at home to share their perspectives (in their native languages) with the elementary school their children attended.…Using a funds of knowledge framework, parents were asked about their goals for their children, their children’s strengths….In addition to sharing how much they believed teachers loved their children, parents expressed interest in maintaining their native languages and concerns about not understanding communication from school."

Vol 28, No 2 - Spring/Summer 2018

Superintendents Building Public Trust and Engagement in Five Public School Communities John Poynton, Rena Kirkland, and Carole Makela This mixed methods study examined the impact of five school district parent and community-member training programs (four in Colorado and one in Illinois) designed to increase trust and engagement. Findings showed the trainings, using interactive communication, increased engagement, knowledge, advocacy, and trust for district administrators. One participant noted, “It was definitely a two-way communication, delivering information to us, but they were willing to listen and interact with us on a dialogue level, which I think was beneficial to both sides.”

Vol 28, No 2 - Fall/Winter 2018