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Family Engagement Tool

$3,600 per 3-year cycle

A 3-year comprehensive program with agendas and quality resources

Building Blocks

Time Well-Spent

The Family Engagement Tool's two-year cycle provides a self-analysis and needs assessment process for a family engagement school team. The completed needs assessment is used to create an Action Plan, leaving the balance of the two-year cycle to implement your plan and track your outcomes.

The FET is web based and includes our SCN Resource Library to aid implementation. Our tool and resources are soundly rooted in research and best practice and help schools move forward with meaningful family engagement.

Click here for an overview of the school's FET process.

Best Practices in Practice

View our selection of stories from the field describing the creative things our schools have done over the years to improve their family engagement practices and better meet the needs of their school communities. Click on the title to view or print any story.

Action Plans

Action Plans: The Building Takes Shape

A well-crafted action plan is the school team’s best opportunity to turn a vision
into reality. They are instruments that provide a navigation path to newer and
better ways of doing things. They can be challenging to craft but without a doubt
are pivotal in the process of school improvement. 

Students and Staff Come Together to Create a Solution

Students and Staff Come Together to Create a Solution

Millbrook, Alabama is part of the greater Montgomery metropolitan
area and the home to Millbrook Middle School. Acting on the results of
their School Community survey, the school team focused their attention on Character Development as a top priority for their school's Action Plan.

School Community Building Begins in the Third Grade

School Community Building Begins in the Third Grade

Washington-Monroe Elementary is a K-5 building in a small city in central Illinois. Situated in one of the city's economically challenged neighborhoods, more than half of their students qualify for free or reduced lunch. The school's performance seems unaffected by its socioeconomic demographics and is distinguished by the state as a Spotlight School which recognizes high performing, high poverty schools having at least 60% of the students meeting or exceeding state reading and mathematics standards.
Washington-Monroe posted a 90.4% in its most recent round of state assessments.

Improved Communication Gains Community Support

Improved Communication Gains Community Support

Washington, VT is a community of about one thousand residents nestled in rural eastern Vermont. When their
school enrolled in the Family Engagement Tool the team moved swiftly through the self-assessment and action plan and went to work immediately putting better practices into place. 

School Launches Initiative to Increase Involvement of NonEnglish Speaking Families

School Launches Initiative to Increase Involvement of NonEnglish

The face of volunteering has changed at Allen Elementary in Siloam Springs,
Arkansas. As a direct result of our School Community Network selfassessment (Family Engagement Tool), one of our new focuses has been on increasing family engagement among our non-English speaking families. 


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