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Parent Resources (Search Our Database) Ripples of Transformation: Families Leading Change in Early Childhood Systems Melia Franklin A collaborative effort led by First 5 Alameda County, this "family engagement toolkit for providers and program leaders" outlines how agencies and programs can empower families to advocate for equitable, culturally responsive and family friendly early childhood services.

Every Student Succeeds Act Primer: Parent and Community Engagement (pdf) Alliance for Excellent Education & the NAACP To provide opportunities for meaningful parent engagement, ESSA requires schools that receive federal funding for underserved students, under Title I and other programs, to develop parent and family engagement policies. This fact sheet has questions parents can ask education leaders (at the school, district, and state level) about ways families can be involved in developing plans and policies.

School Resources (Search Our Database) Fostering Family Engagement Through Shared Leadership in the District, Schools, and Community (pdf) Martinez, P. & Wizer-Vecchi, J. [Voices in Urban Education, 44, 6-13.] Based on a case study of a diverse district, recommendations include: capitalize on the school and district leadership; recognize a small number of families can have a big impact; create a dedicated space in every school for families to connect; support teachers and school staff to develop positive relationships with parents by providing professional development designed to promote trust and respect; and more.

How Family, School, and Community Engagement Can Improve Student Achievement and Influence School Reform: Literature Review (pdf) Wood, L., Bauman, E., Rudo, Z., & Dimock, V. This research review's findings include positive results for students from many strategies, including: building strong parent-school relationships; empowering parents to exercise leadership within schools; parent classes; engagement at home; increased family-school communication; programs that focus on increasing parental aspirations; and involving community organizations.

School Community Journal Resources (Search Our Database)

Reversing the Dehumanization of Families of Color in Schools: Community-Based Research in a Race-Conscious Parent Engagement Program Denise Yull, Marguerite Wilson, Carla Murray, and Lawrence Parham "Drawing upon ethnographic methods… we argue the Parent Mentor Program, in which marginalized parents of color assist in high school classrooms, increases the engagement of parents of color,…produces a close-knit community that reduces parental isolation,…and positions parents of color as empowered advocates who work collaboratively with White teachers to promote educational equity for children of color."

Vol 28, No 1 - Spring/Summer 2018

Traversing School–Community Partnerships Utilizing Cross-Boundary Leadership Bernita L. Krumm and Katherine Curry "Utilizing the conceptual framework of cross-boundary leadership, researchers conducted this qualitative case study to gain a better understanding of school- and district-level leaders’ actions and attitudes that led to meaningful, sustainable partnerships between the school, families, and community. Administrators in two urban, two suburban, and two rural districts participated."

Vol 27, No 2 - Fall/Winter 2017