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Parent Resources (Search Our Database) An Overview of Parenting in Schools Lisa Linnell-Olsen This brief article shares things to know about parenting and schools, including, "Each child and family is unique. While there may not be a one-size-fits all protocol for leading children to academic success, there are a variety of ways that parents can get involved and effectively support their children's education."

The Ripple Effect in Action: What 7 Parent Leadership Organizations Learned from Participatory Evaluations Geller, J. D., McAlister, S., Gill Kressley, K., Henderson, A. T., Perez, W. Y., & Sanzone, J. (Eds.) Editor Kate Gill Kressley shares, "The book features an innovative evaluation process….Seven teams of parent leaders and organization staff evaluated their own programs with support from Dialogues in Action and NYU Metro Center. Not only did this process honor the unique context and culture of each organization, it also inspired them to use data for reflection and action." Download the full book or a summary.

School Resources (Search Our Database) A Guide for Educators: Helping Families Engage in Their Children’s Learning (pdf) Academic Development Institute/School Community Network "A research-based guide to support teachers and administrators in creating a vibrant school community by developing partnerships and by helping their students’ families to better understand: state learning standards, college and career readiness, family practices to help children learn, and family-school relationships," including effective communication, policies, shared leadership, and connections.

Making Space for Collaboration and Leadership: The Role of Program Staff in Successful Family Engagement Initiatives M. Fletcher (Voices in Urban Education, 44 "Parent engagement coordinators provide the foundation for family engagement by modeling shared leadership, facilitating trust, and creating space to build partnerships with parents and schools.…This model was established in the Washington Heights community schools, and in the South Bronx. Establishing parent leaders is central to the work of parent engagement, and developing a culture of shared decision-making was the first step to preparing the parent engagement coordinators."

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Parental Involvement Policies in Ontario: A Critical Analysis Max Antony-Newman "This analysis showed that existing policies in Ontario (Canada) are permeated with discourses of barriers and parental deficiency... Implications for policymakers include adding parental involvement content in preservice and in-service teacher education to make parent–school partnerships truly democratic and effective for all."

Influence of a Parent Leadership Program on Participants’ Leadership Capacity and Actions Shayna D. Cunningham, Holly Kreider, & Jenny Ocón “This article investigates the influence of Parent Services Project’s Vision and Voice Family Leadership Institute (VVFLI) on parent leadership capacity and action….Results indicate that VVFLI may positively influence parents’ identities as leaders, general leadership and communication skills, and skills specific to school- and community-based settings, as well as promote increased parental involvement in a variety of school-based, advocacy, and wider constituency leadership activities.”