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Parent Resources (Search Our Database) Parent Workshops: Strengthening the Learning Community Edutopia This 5-minute video shows how, "during in-school workshops, parents learn what their kids are studying and how to support it at home.".

Growth Mindset for Parents The Project for Education Research that Scales and Raise the Bar Through videos, "parents learn what a growth mindset is, why it’s important, and best practices to support their children in developing this learning belief." (Part of the Mindset Kit; 30 minutes to complete 10 lessons; also available in Spanish here)

Bonus Spotlight: Summer Learning Resources for Parents Colorín Colorado This website has links to many great resources for moms, dads, and families to read and learn over the summer break from school, including some for prekindergarten as well as elementary kids. Most tip sheets, information pages, and activity ideas are available in both English and Spanish.

School Resources (Search Our Database) 5 Benefits of Human-Centered Design Thinking for Family Engagement M. Caspe & L. McWilliams (Global Family Research Project) The authors say, in this research publication, "we share how this process empowers families and creates equity, challenges assumptions and biases, helps educators to consider families’ wishes and desires, promotes collaborative decision making, and pushes educators out of their comfort zone."

5 Keys to Forging Strong Parent Engagement Pierce, D. for Getting Smart Based on the lessons learned in Guilford County, NC, this article shares five keys to forging stronger parent engagement in K-12 schools: bring everyone to the table; show parents how they can support their children’s learning more effectively; remove barriers (including workshops offered at places of employment); enlist champions; and evaluate and improve.

School Community Journal Resources (Search Our Database)

Partnering for Improved Parent Mathematics Engagement Charmaine Mangram and Maria Theresa Solis Metz This study examined “a five-month mathematics intervention which aimed to increase awareness of the eight Common Core State Standards for the Mathematical Practices (CCSS-MP) in a culturally, linguistically, and generationally diverse group of parents. The intervention consisted of five mathematics workshops designed as part of a multilayered collaboration between a community organization and a teacher educator.”

The Role of Skills-Based Interventions and Settings on the Engagement of Diverse Families Yvette Latunde “Family, church, and community have always played significant roles in providing educational opportunities for diverse youth. In this multisite, mixed methods study, a skill building intervention for enhancing parents’ engagement in their children’s education was implemented with 107 families and its effectiveness analyzed….Differences were found by setting as well as between parents of students receiving gifted education and parents of special education students.”