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Parent Resources (Search Our Database) Getting Involved at Your Child's School Ben-Joseph, E. P., for KidsHealth "Whether their kids are kindergarteners or high school seniors, parents have many good reasons to volunteer at school." This article describes the benefits of getting involved and shares tips to help you get started. Also available in Spanish: Participar en la Escuela de su Hijo

How Parents Can Become More Involved in Schools Kimberly L. Keith "Get some quick ideas for ways to be involved with and support your child’s elementary education." These include things you can do at home, connecting with your child's teacher, and getting involved in a parent group.

School Resources (Search Our Database) Step 3 of Building Powerful Partnerships with Families: Align Compact Goals with the School Improvement Plan Connecticut School - Family - Community Partnerships A video and other tools are provided to help align your family-school compact with the School Improvement Plan (SIP). Steps suggested include: Pick your key goals. Revise the wording of each goal so it’s family-friendly. Link the goal to high priority actions in your SIP for each grade level. Identify learning strategies for parents and teachers to help students meet the goals.

Family Engagement Playbook Margaret Caspe, M. Elena Lopez, & Rachel Hanebutt (Global Family Research Project) This "is a collection of promising research-based approaches to strengthen individual competencies and organizational support…today’s family engagement leaders are striving to include parents and other family members as essential partners in designing efforts to build relationships….Our Family Engagement Playbook captures many of the approaches, tools, and models that organizations are using to understand the concept of co-creation and get better at implementing it with their teams."

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Culturally Responsive and Asset-Based Strategies for Family Engagement in Odds-Beating Secondary Schools Aaron Leo, Kristen C. Wilcox, and Hal A. Lawson "This research offers insight into family engagement through two case studies of secondary schools in New York State—chosen for study for their odds-beating graduation outcomes. Educators in these schools share in common the strategies of drawing on local resources and engaging family members in culturally responsive and collaborative ways with particular sensitivities to power imbalances."

Parent Perspectives on Special Education Services: How Do Schools Implement Team Decisions? Alison L. Zagona, Amanda L. Miller, Jennifer A. Kurth, and Hailey R. Love "The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine parents’ perspectives and experiences of special education, including the degree to which decisions about their child’s education were implemented as they had agreed upon with the school personnel. Additionally, a secondary purpose of this study was to understand how parents explain why school personnel do or do not implement elements of their child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)."