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Parent Resources (Search Our Database) Testing at Your Child's School: What You Should Know and How You Can Help (pdf) National PTA & NEA This brief guide gives parents/families tips for supporting their child and questions to ask school staff about testing.

Also available in Spanish: Pruebas en la Escuela de Su Hijo (pdf)

Understanding Assessment: Resources for Parents Roberta Furger & Ashley Cronin for Edutopia "We've compiled a resources list to help families understand various uses of assessment in schools, what questions to ask, how to help children prepare, and all about standardized tests."

School Resources (Search Our Database) Assessment Literacy: Teacher Tips for Speaking with Parents and Students about Assessments Kelly Goodrich This post includes three things teachers could share as part of productive conversations with students and parents about assessment, as well as topics to include in ongoing communication between home and school.

Helping Children Succeed in School: Test Taking University of Illinois Extension These tips can be shared with families to use at home to help their child prepare for tests, reduce fears, and do well at school. Also available in Spanish: Ayudando a Los Niños a Triunfar en la Escuela: Tomando Exámenes

School Community Journal Resources (Search Our Database)

The Role of Skills-Based Interventions and Settings on the Engagement of Diverse Families Yvette Latunde In this multisite, mixed methods study, a skill-building intervention for enhancing diverse parents’ engagement in their children’s education was implemented with 107 families and its effectiveness analyzed. Trainings were held in various settings and were designed to increase families’ ability to help with learning at home, improve their ability to advocate for their children, and increase their understanding of classroom/school expectations, learning standards, and more.
Vol 27, No 2

A Pilot Study Aiming to Promote Parents’ Understanding of Learning Assessments at the Elementary Level Rollande Deslandes & Marie-Claude RivardIn this article, the authors focus on an effort aimed at piloting workshops to promote parents’ understanding of assessments. The article describes two case studies of workshops conducted in Canada using an experiential learning approach conducted with parents of kindergarten and 6th grade students.
Vol 23, No 2