Spotlights Featured Resources for Families and Schools

Parent Resources (Search Our Database) Helpful Tips for Parents: Preparing for a Parent-Teacher-Student Conference (pdf) Academic Development Institute, School Community Network This tip sheet will help you make the most of your conference! (also available in Spanish)
Parent-Teacher Conferences During COVID: 10 Things to Know Gretchen Vierstra This article offers tips for families and tips for teachers, including "You have essential information to share with your child’s teacher"; "Building a relationship with your child’s teacher is important — even at a distance"; "Consider asking the student to attend the conference"; and more.

School Resources (Search Our Database) How Student-Led Conferences Center the Learning Journey (video) Edutopia "When students lead the conversation in their parent-teacher conferences, they take ownership of their learning and growth." This video and accompanying transcript describe how a student-led conference (SLC) works, and includes links to resources, e.g., a SLC script and habits of work and learning (HOWL) self-assessment checklist, plus resources about the WOOP model for setting goals from Character Lab.

What Does High-Impact Family Engagement Look Like in Practice? (pdf) NAFSCE This infographic shows low-, moderate-, and high-impact practices schools can use to engage families in their children's learning and help them succeed. One example includes the type and timing of conferences.

School Community Journal Resources (Search Our Database) Mining Gems, Nurturing Relationships, Building Teacher Practice Simona Goldin, Debi Khasnabis, and Susan Atkins "…collaborative relationships across and among families and teachers can result in 'mining gems' of knowledge that reside in students, families, communities, and schools for the enrichment of teaching and learning. We elaborate on the design of case-based, simulated parent–teacher conferences that provide teacher candidates with opportunities to learn to enact productive partnerships with families."
Not Just Communication: Parent–Teacher Conversations in an English High School Richard Bilton, Alison Jackson, and Barry Hymer "In this article we report case study research which focused on the nature of parent–teacher conversations at one high school in England. Our results showed that, when the student was present, parents and teachers frequently joined forces, working together to seek to modify the child’s study habits or conduct. Using Epstein’s typology, we suggest that these examples of collaboration might be more accurately described as Type 3 involvement—in-school assistance—rather than Type 2 involvement—communication."
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