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Assisting school teams with creating learning environments--at school and at home--where students thrive.

"The payoff is for our students, who now see their parents and their teachers working together for them. We are a much stronger community now."

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School Community Journal

A free, open access, refereed journal that includes research and field reports related to the school as a community of teachers, students, parents, and staff.


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Parent/School Resources

A one stop location for links to tools, research, and information on engaging families in education plus tip sheets for families to engage children in learning.

Indicators in Action™

Watch short video examples on implementing indicators of effective family engagement.

FACE Handbook

Handbook on Family and
Community Engagement

Chapters from leaders in the field of family engagement with vignettes and action principles for states, districts, and schools.

Unlocked Resources

Booklets from our Resource library taken from our parent courses for families to use with their children at home.

ADI Search Engine 

Connecting you to multiple vetted resources and articles around family engagement as well as other topics related to schools and education.

SCN Resources (English and Spanish)

Booklets, Tip Sheets, and Bibliographies

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