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Parents, teachers, and administrators acting together to improve student learning—especially where responsibilities of school and home overlap
School Community Council What is a School Community Council? (11 minutes) Why form a School Community Council? (8 minutes)
The School Community Council is the steering committee for the school community, the coordinating body, the group that focuses on uniting parents, teachers, and students in the pursuit of student success.
  • Tips on organizing a School Community Council
  • Information on how the Council integrates with and supports the work of existing organizations within the school community
Parent Teacher Organization
The National PTA Standards clearly delineate those practices that have been shown to lead to success and high-quality parent involvement programs. Learn more about the National PTA Standards and how they might help your parent involvement initiatives excel!

School Improvement Team
Responsible each year for overseeing the development, revisions, and objectives of the School Improvement Plan, this team also establishes evaluation procedures to determine effectiveness of meeting the school's planned school improvement objectives which encompass the federally required parent involvement components. Learn more about how your school might better connect parent involvement to school improvement planning.