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Face-to-face association; forming common understanding; engaging in common experiences
Connections at School
  • Parent Rooms—Often equipped with books, parenting materials, and information on how to support learning beyond the classroom hours, parent rooms can also provide space for parent workshops and a place where parent groups can meet. There are plenty of ideas to consider in this section when establishing a parent room at your school. Parent Rooms (3 minutes)

  • Open House—Open house is the perfect opportunity to convey to parents that success in school depends largely on what goes on at home. Use our tips and tools to help you get these important learning conversations started with families. Open House (10 minutes)

  • Parent-Teacher—Student Conferences-A Parent-Teacher-Student Conference is the best opportunity to get all the invested parties to the table joined in one conversation about student progress. These conferences can be very effective if a few principles are followed. Use these tips and ideas to organize your conferences and help to move conversations toward unified strategies centered on unified goals.

  • Family Nights—Common experiences work to strengthen relationships. When families and schools come together while reinforcing one or more of the school community’s goals, the experience becomes especially valuable. There are plenty of ideas and tips in this section to help your school organize family nights with a focus on your school’s goals. Family-School Nights (11 minutes)

  • Creating a Welcoming Place with Welcoming Place Walk-Through and Checklist—The school must be a safe and orderly environment where learning can take place. Procedures should be established and other elements in place that make a visit to the school a pleasant experience for families and other visitors while keeping students safe. Our tips and ideas will give you plenty to consider in creating a Welcoming Place at your school. Welcoming Place Workshop (3 minutes) Why Develop Visitor Guidelines? (10 minutes) Welcoming New Families (8 minutes)

Connections at Home
  • Home Visits—Home visits allow school representatives to reach parents, especially those who might not come to the school, with a welcoming message, useful materials, and helpful advice. They require training, planning, and a system for tracking results. Use these tools and tips to help organize, plan, train, and track your school’s home visits. What are Home Visits? (14 minutes) Why do Home Visits? (5 minutes) Who does Home Visits? (8 minutes)

  • Home Gatherings—These small group meetings of parents and teachers are facilitated by a host parent. The discussions center on topics surrounding family-school partnerships and work to create stronger family-school alliances.
Community Building Ideas
Take a look at what other schools have done in their efforts to engage families and better connect them to their school community.