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A web-based process to create a stronger school community

Time Well-Spent

The Family Engagement Tool's two-year cycle provides a self-analysis and needs assessment process for a family engagement school team.  The completed needs assessment is used to create an Action Plan, leaving the balance of the two-year cycle to implement your plan and track your outcomes.


The FET is web based and includes our SCN Resource Library to aid implementation. Our tool and resources are soundly rooted in research and best practice and help schools move forward with meaningful family engagement.


Click here for an overview of the school's FET process.


For questions about Family Engagement Tool or to request additional information, fill out the email form.

You may also contact Bernadette Anderson directly at 618-874-8150.

Best Practices in Practice

The drop-down menu below offers a selection of stories from the field describing the creative things our schools have done over the years to improve their family engagement practices and better meet the needs of their school communities. Click on the title to view or print any story.

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