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Every building project begins with a detailed plan. ADI's signature program, Solid Foundation®, is a comprehensive blueprint for building strong school communities. Its web-based Planning Guide, with 26 agendas, guides a School Community Council (SCC) through a three-year implementation cycle to ensure that all students develop a “solid foundation” as:

•Self-directed learners,

•Avid and literate readers, and

•Responsible people who respect themselves and others.

Solid Foundation® provides a rich library of web-based resources and web-based documentation and reporting, including progress reports to evaluate the program’s effectiveness and guide its improvement.

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 Brings focus to strengths and areas needing improvement

 Solid Foundation’s® agendas and resources lead a School Community Council (SCC) in implementing a comprehensive model that includes every aspect of a strong school community.

Provides a structured framework

With the support of the School Community Coach and under the guidance of the detailed agendas, the SCC uses the tools and resources in Solid Foundation’s® Building Block framework (Shared Leadership, Goals and Roles, Communication, Education, Connection, and Continuous Improvement) to implement evidence-based practices.

Offers web-based technology

 Solid Foundation’s® technology allows the SCC to enter data, generate reports, track progress, access a library of abundant resources, and receive coaching and support all from one convenient internet location. Administrative features provide for cost effective and efficient monitoring of implementation progress as well as a means for the School Community Coach to easily communicate with the SCC through the web-based coaching system.

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