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The School Community Network connects families and schools to build strong school communities focused on student success.

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Solid Foundation

If you want to implement a comprehensive family engagement program to help students succeed, then this is the blueprint for building your strong school community.

School Community Index

If you want to gather robust data to inform family engagement planning, then get to know your community in the most straightforward, cost-effective way.

Family Engagement Tool

If you want to assess, plan, and implement family engagement without the guesswork, then this tool supplies all your needs in one place.

Training Modules

If you want to build professional staff capacity to work with families, then allow us to support you with on-site trainings.

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"The payoff is for our students, who now see their parents and their teachers working together for them. We are a much stronger community now."

-Andrea Loeffler, Teacher

Connect to Free Resources

School Community Journal

A free, open access, refereed journal that includes research and field reports related to the school as a community of teachers, students, parents, and staff.



Save time by letting us sift through the database for you. Spotlighted parent and school resources sent directly to your inbox bimonthly!


Parent/School Resources

A one stop location for links to tools, research, and information on engaging families in education plus tip sheets for families to engage children in learning.

Indicators in Action

Watch short video examples on implementing indicators of effective family engagement.

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