The Family Engagement Tool Five steps to a stronger school community

The Family Engagement Tool's two-year cycle provides a simple, repeatable process for evaluating current family engagement practices. Because school communities continually change, periodic examination of current practices and their outcomes provides insights for teams to make informed decisions to alter strategies that better meet the needs of your changing school community. Click here for an overview of the school's FET process.

FET's self-assessment and needs assessment processes are easily completed by the school team in two or three meetings — or 6 to 8 hours. Using the completed needs assessment to inform your planning, the Action Plan can be completed in another one or two meetings, leaving the balance of the two-year cycle to implement your plan and track your outcomes.

The FET is complete with resources from our SCN Resource Library to aid you in implementation. These resources provide planning tools, rubrics, workshop materials, course curricula, and videos of schools sharing their experiences. Arranged by our SCN Building Blocks (categories proven to positively impact family engagement outcomes), these resources are soundly rooted in best practice, tightly aligned with the national family engagement framework, and help schools move beyond Title I compliance.

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Best Practices in Practice

The dropdown menu below offers a selection of stories from the field describing the creative things our schools have done over the years to improve their family engagement practices and better meet the needs of their school communities. Click on the title to view or print any story.