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The Family Engagement Tool A 2-year plan based on assessed needs and effective practice, with rich resources

The web-based Family Engagement Tool (FET) guides a school team (including parents) in assessing every aspect of its family engagement programs and practices and creating and monitoring an improvement plan based on indicators of effective practice. The needs assessment phase is completed in about 5 hours by the school team. FET’s two-year process helps the school determine needs, set priorities, develop a plan, monitor the plan, and strengthen the school community.

» Brings focus to strengths and areas needing improvement

The Family Engagement Tool:

  • » provides rubrics to assess key school policies (or procedural documents),
  • » presents a team survey to offer insights into the effectiveness of current practices,
  • » develops a comprehensive plan for family engagement using indicators of effective practice, and
  • » enables the team to track progress and generate documents
For Title I schools, the FET’s rubrics use the Non-Regulatory Guidance as the basic measure, but show how the school can move beyond compliance.

» Provides a rich library of resources

FET provides access to a rich library of family engagement materials. The materials are aligned with the assessment and include hundreds of planning tools, family engagement curricula, and professional development programs. Many materials for families are available in English and Spanish.

» Offers web-based technology

The tool’s web-based technology enables a school team to enter data, submit forms, develop a plan, and access a library of resources from one convenient location.